Community Response Map


Each factsheet comprises of 10 facts on a specific subject. Alongside each fact is an illustration to aid comprehension. The language used on the factsheets is easy to understand and non-academic. All factsheets are available in English. Additional language availability is noted below:

1. What is Human Trafficking?
   a. English:
   b. Bahasa Indonesia:
   c. Marshallese:
   d. Thai:
2. Exploitation in the Fishing Industry in Asia Pacific
   a. English:
   b. Marshallese:
   c. Thai:
3. Exploitation of Domestic Workers in Asia Pacific
   a. English:
   b. Bahasa Indonesia:
4. Debt Bondage in Human Trafficking (English):
5. Human Trafficking for Forced Begging (English):
6. Human Trafficking for Forced Labour (English):
7. Human Trafficking for Forced Marriage (including child marriage) (English):
8. Who are Human Traffickers? (English):
9. Trafficking for Organ Removal (English):
10. Child Labour (English):
11. Trafficking of Children for Sexual Exploitation (English):
12. Child Soldiers (English):
13. Take Action: Tips for Consumers, Migrant Workers and Internet Users (English):

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